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You Are Here - LE/MIL/Corrections- Concealed Carry Packs
First Off...Thank you all for looking out for each other! Next, Hawkepaks manufactures gear for our own customers, as well as variations and completely different items for other companies such as POK, SKD, and LaRue Tactical. We also do this in the Fire/EMS Equipment world...you're just not likely to run into those products. So, please check with your dealer before you get all crazy out there. Ed Hawke
GP-23 Micro GunPak-1  $34.95
GP-24 Micro GunPak-2  $44.95
GP-04 Compact GunPak-2  $39.95
GP-08 Compact LE GunPak-2  $51.95
GP-06 GunPak-2  $49.95
GP-10 LE GunPak-2  $54.95
GP-30 Thumb-Break Security Module  $9.95

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