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You Are Here - LE/MIL/Corrections- Load Bearing & ID Vests- Sew-on Vest Pouches
LBV-41 Small utility pocket w/ Badge Lid  $10.95
LBV-40 Medium Utility Pocket, Long lid  $10.95
LBV-38 Large Utility Pocket w/ Double Cuff Pouch  $17.95
LBV-37 M-16/AR-15 Mag Pouch, 1 up, holds 2  $14.95
LBV-44 Double M-16/AR-15 Mag Pouch, 2 up  $16.95
LBV-45 M-16/AR-15, 3 up, Double Mag pouch  $18.95
LBV-23 Double Cuff or Search Glove Pouch  $9.95
LBV-22 Mini Utility/ Single Cuff or Glove pouch  $9.95
LBV-20 OC Dispenser, MK-4, Pouch  $9.95
LBV-47 Pistol magazine pouch, 2 up  $15.95
LBV-18 Shotshell utility pocket w/ Velcro for an ID strip  $14.95
LBV-10 Single Pistol Mag/ Knife pkt.  $12.95
LBV-05 Triple Pistol Magazine  $16.95
LBV-03 "D" Size Light Holster  $8.95
LBV-06 Stinger/Pelican Holster  $9.95
LBV-01 Adjustable Radio Pouch for LBVests  $11.95
LBV-07 Collapsible Baton Pocket  $9.95

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