Hawkepaks originated in Fresno, California by long-time EMT, Ed Hawke. As a working medic, Ed found a need for specialized bags to support his work in the field and began creating them for himself. His professional peers took notice of the well-crafted bags and encouraged Ed to start making them for other EMT personnel in the Fresno area. Soon after, Ed began making functional bags and accessories for local law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and medics in the Fresno area. For the past 3 decades the products have been refined through the feedback of service professionals lending their input on how Hawkepaks products support their in-field work. Hawkepaks has since grown to supply products to departments all across the USA, becoming a go-to resource for emergency services, law enforcement, military, and many more industries.

Recently, Hawkepaks was acquired by Drapes 4 Show, Inc., a manufacturing company based out of Los Angeles, CA. Drapes looks to optimize production by incorporating Hawkepaks’ manufacturing process in to its factory operations. Having a proven track record in high-volume, highly-customized manufacturing, Drapes 4 Show is uniquely poised to support the demand of new industries and public consumption of the Hawkepaks product line.